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De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel

Address details

Binnenburg 15
Telephone: +31222310387




Shop / Wholesale 

De Witte Engel is situated on Texel and consists of two departments: the store located on the Binnenburg Street and the wholesale business in the business district Wezenland in Den Burg.
De Witte Engel is enlisted at the Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar since 1990.

Correspondence address:
Wezenland 1, 1791 AZ Den Burg



All of our kits and 'Creattentions' are exclusively designed by us. If otherwise, we pay the designer license fees. We vouch for this and you can hold us responsible.

It has occurred several times that certain trends are converted into a creative idea at different places simultaneously.

Therefore, it is not unusual that creations are developed with the same basic concept by different designers. Fortunately, the designer always gives its work an unique and individual result.

That is what makes our trade so colourful.

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