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Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij BV

Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij BV

Address details

Spinbaan 11
1791 MC Den Burg
Telephone: +31630230277




The island is a brewery richer "Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij BV". Maurice and Helma Diks start a new brewery together with their daughter and sons. “We will initially focus on distinctive products. A tasty low-alcohol / free beer. A traditionally brewed Pilsener and in the near future also "Texel mixed drinks", says daughter Marinka.

Initially, the Diks klein family wants to start step by step to lay a solid foundation for a healthy company where a delicious Texel product is brewed. “We do this initially with the family, but that is not the end goal. We want to be a brewery for and from the Texelaar. We want to make products in a traditional way, whereby involvement, continuity and employment for the island of Texel are central at all times, ”says Maurice Diks.

Maurice Diks was the face of the Texel Beer Brewery for 13 years. Now that knowledge and presence by the owners of the Texel Beer Brewery are no longer desired, the idea has come to mean something for Texel together with the family. "Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij BV" is therefore operated by family brewery Diks. After the first years and proven viability of the brewery, shares will become available for the residents of Texel, so that together we can decide on the future of this brewery as an island.

The basis will be laid from the home office on the Molenstraat. The family is currently still looking for a suitable storage space and / or location where they can establish both a tasting room and their own brewery, "ideas and suggestions are welcome" according to the family. Until then, Helma and Maurice regularly travel together to a fellow brewer to brew a delicious beer for the island, using as many Texel ingredients as possible.

When the first beer is available remains a surprise. Curious? You can follow the family on facebook “Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij” or mail to info@familiebrouwerijdiks.nl
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