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Texelse IJsboerderij Labora

Texelse IJsboerderij Labora

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Hollandseweg 2
Telephone: +31222316066



Labora Ice-Cream Farm

Is there any traditionally made ice-cream on Texel? Certainly, even here on the island. We are the only ice-cream parlour on Texel and we use Labora fresh milk and cream from our own herd of dairy cows that graze outside in the meadows as the ingredients for our delicious full fat ice-cream.

Weather permitting, the cows spend at least eight months a year in the meadows surrounded by "De Roggesloot", a natural wildlife area. This area is characterised by the peace and quiet that makes the northern-most tip of Texel so unique.

And we make it even more attractive by making the most scrumptious ice-cream for you using all natural ingredients, which we source from Texel’s regional products as much as Texel!

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