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Alpha Advocaten

Alpha Advocaten

Address details

Beatrixlaan 3A
1791 GA Den Burg
Telephone: +31653795546




About Alpha Advocaten

Looking for your Texel lawyer for entrepreneurs and individuals? Legal advice or decisive legal assistance in case of labor disputes, problems with the municipality (administrative law), drafting of contracts (also business takeover), real estate matters, criminal law or divorce? Alpha Advocaten is your Island Lawyer!

Alpha Advocaten is located on Texel at Beatrixlaan 3A in Den Burg. You can come to us for a result-oriented approach.

Several satisfied individuals and entrepreneurs found their way to Alpha Advocaten. Feel free to call for free information or direct legal assistance with the Island Lawyer, Vincent van der Velde, on +31(0)222) 78 55 88 or directly mobile on +31 (0)6-53795546.

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