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Molenlaan 14
1795 AM De Cocksdorp
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Your first holiday with your loved one. The family vacation you've been looking forward to for months. The 40th time you have arrived on the island. Whatever your background, you will make great memories on Texel. Lovely memories of fantastic vacations on a unique island.

We have an inseparable relationship with Texel. The island is in our blood, in our genes and is always present. Sometimes very prominent, sometimes in the background. I Love Texel is made for you. So that you too can shape your bond with Texel. So that you can show that you are a Texel fan.

We want to hear your Texel stories and see your Texel photos. This website is a hotspot for people who love Texel. A digital meeting point for Texel, semi-Texel, part-time Texel and everyone who likes to come here. Share your Texel with us.

This website is intended for everyone who is a fan of Texel. Who, like us, loves the most beautiful island in the northern hemisphere. An island not for nothing that Lonely Planet is included in the Top Ten of most beautiful travel destinations in Europe. And we also want to show and experience that to others.

Help to put Texel in the picture even more! Take a picture of yourself and / or your friends at the I Love Texel trailer and put it on our Facebook page or place on this website. Of course it is nice to also share it via your own timeline (#ilovetexelphotos), Instagram or Twitter. Feel free to be inspired by the photos in the Photos section of this website.

Or share your story with us. Tell the world about your special relationship with Texel or that one unique experience on your favorite island. Because how nice is it to tell that to everyone who also loves Texel?

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