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Blow-Away-the-Cobwebs weeks for dog owners and dogs!

From mid-October, dog coach, Jos Oosting will be offering special packages on the beautiful island of Texel.

Not only will you and your dog be able to enjoy the island’s stunning nature and great dog walks, Jos will also be working on your dog’s behaviour and at the end of the week, your dog will receive a certificate for good behaviour. Whether your dog’s issues are related to fear, aggression, recall or lead pulling, Jos will be tackling these issues during the Blow-Away-the-Cobwebs weeks. Other behavioural issues could be for example with fear of fireworks, aggression/charging or lead pulling. 

Thanks to the special collaboration with Texel’s most dog-friendly travel agency, you don’t just receive a discount on accommodation, the dog coach also charges reduced prices during this period.

The Blow-Away-the-Cobwebs weeks are all about enjoying a wonderful week on beautiful Texel after which you return back home, satisfied, with a dog without behavioural issues. And at a spectacular price at that!

Whatever package you choose, there are always two basic ingredients: the dog language workshop and the pack walks.

For more information about the different dog training options, take a look at the TEXEL PACKAGES menu and select: fear of fireworks, charging, lead pulling, tailor-made dog training (personalised dog training) or the pack walk.

For queries about your luxury holiday accommodation, contact Linda or Ferre via: Texel Onderdak (Tessels Onderdak or by calling +31 (0)222-317398), they are happy to help you! Please note: the special package prices are not listed on the website, these can be requested by telephone.

Even the dog reads along

For more information about the contents of the programme or to discuss your personal needs, email:info@honden-coach.nlor call: +31 (0)6-29408829.

The schedule for the different packages: 


Saturday             Saturday             Week number                  Package

14 Nov                 21 Nov                 48                                          fear of fireworks

21 Nov                 28 Nov                 48                                          walking without pulling

28 Nov                 5 Dec                    49                                          fear of fireworks

5 Dec                    12 Dec                  50                                          charging

12 Dec                  19 Dec                  51                                          fear of fireworks

19 Dec                  26 Dec                  52

26 Dec                  2 Jan                     53

2 Jan                      9 Jan                     1                                            walking without pulling

9 Jan                      16 Jan                   2                                            charging

16 Jan                   23 Jan                   3                                            personalised dog training

23 Jan                   30 Jan                   4                                            charging

30 Jan                   6 Feb                    5                                            personalised dog training

6 Feb                     13 Feb                  6                                            charging

13 Feb                  20 Feb                  7                                            personalised dog training

20 Feb                  27 Feb                  8                                            walking without pulling

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