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De Waddel

De Waddel

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Westergeest 2
1791 LJ Den Burg
Telephone: 0222-322337




The area around the Hoge Berg is the oldest part of Texel. This arose 150,000 years ago during the penultimate ice age, when glaciers from Scandinavia pushed the ground up high here. The result is still to be seen: a rolling landscape, full of winding roads and tunnels, swirls and sheep fines typical of old Texel. De Hoge Berg is also known for the sheep that have been grazing their food for centuries.

On our farm built in 1625 we work with respect for history, nature and tradition. The sheep run all year round on the herb-rich meadows and the lambs grow up with their mothers. Famous is the Texel sheep cheese, traditionally made from raw milk, according to age-old recipe. The cheese is included in the Ark of Taste of Slow Food, the organization that is committed to preserving traditional cuisine.

A must is also the lamb, which we deliver in handy portions. You can also order half or whole lamb from us.

Opening hours: Monday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.

Guided tours can be arranged for groups on request.

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