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Bus-en touringcarbedrijf Texeltours

Bus-en touringcarbedrijf Texeltours

Address details

Heemskerckstraat 31
Telephone: +31222315555
Mobile: +31622039958




The Mercedes taxis, luxury coaches and (accordion) buses on Texel Tours is your ticket in our safe hands. In it we make no distinction between taxi rides or moving the largest groups on the island.

The fleet is equipped with materials of good quality and we work with the most experienced drivers. We take pride in satisfying all the transportation needs of the customer requirements!

Unique in our fleet is the cabrioletbus, which allows Texel from a different perspective! This particular car is available for transportation, but for the most special tours of the island. Upon request we fill the tours to full day like to Texel, the specialty of Texel Tours. For who knows the island better than the Texel drivers the most beautiful places, best restaurants and the best museums to find?

Wheelchair users can both taxi and coach, without difficulties. Due to limited availability we do recommend early booking.

 For more information or ask your question via or tel 315555.

We welcome you to our taxis, buses or coaches!

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