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Van der Linde Fietsen De Koog

Van der Linde Fietsen De Koog

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Nikadel 60
Telephone: +31222317333




Texel, known and loved by many tourists, is a variable holiday destination for people who love peace and relaxation.

On Texel, in the village De Koog, you will have an unforgettable holiday.

There is a nature reserve the Dunes of Texel or you can visit the beach comber museum Flora. Beach and dunes are nearby and in the village there are several restaurants.

Discover the island by the “ Gazelle” or “ Batavus” quality bicycles from “ Bruining Nikadel”. You can make the choice: do you prefer a normal bike, a tandem or mountain bike.

Our bicycle shop in De Cocksdorp is an all round shop. It has a large selection of bikes, spare parts and extra services, like a professional repair service.

Bicycle rent

We offer an extensive selection of rental bikes. All sizes of children’s bikes ( from 12 inch up to 26 inch ), bikes with or without gears, 4 gears bikes, 7 gears bikes.
We also have electric bikes, tandems, parents-child tandems, cabby’s, kid cars, fun trailers, child’s seats and bollard cars.

We also have scooters in our selection.

There is a possibility to have your rental bike delivered on your holiday address.


We offer special group rates. Off course we transport  your luggage to your holiday address.

Online reservation

You can make an online booking on our Make sure you book in time. This is possible until 5 days before the arrival date and for a minimum period of 3 days.


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