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Oosterend is considered by many the most beautiful village on Texel. The imposing Maartenskerk is the striking focal point. It is surrounded by picturesque little streets and alleys with beautiful old façades.

Cosy buzz

Situated around the church are a number of shops, restaurants and a café, which create a cosy buzz in the village, population circa 1,300. Oosterend is close to the Waddenzee. Located near the village are the hamlets of Oost, Zevenhuizen and Nieuweschild.


For centuries, fishing has been a major source of income for the villagers of Oosterend. Near the IJzeren Kaap on the Waddenzee side, was once a harbour, which was used for the oyster and seaweed fishery. When it silted up in the 19th century, the shipping industry moved to Oudeschild. However, there are still a lot of cutter fishermen living in Oosterend. Agriculture forms another source of employment in this region.

Tight-knit village

Oosterend has an active, tight-knit village community. In the summer, a big jumble sale is held every other week. Oosterend Present, a large-scale festival with performances and village games, takes place once every five years. The village has two primary schools, one state/Christian and one Reformed. The Timotheüsschool is the only Reformed private school in the Netherlands.


Oosterend is sometimes referred to as the ‘Jerusalem of the North’ because of its many churches and church communities. At one time, there were seven churches in the village; today, only three remain: the Maartenskerk, the Sint Martinuskerk and the church building of the Reformed Congregation in Schoolstraat.

Walking routes

In and around Oosterend, there are several marked walking routes. The Historische Leitjesroute through the village is a must. Slate plaques (‘leitjes’ in Dutch) displayed on historically significant buildings and houses provide information about the buildings and their former occupants. The route description is available for free at several village shops. If you prefer a walk in the countryside, the Boerenommetje is a fun alternative. This green route along the old Waddendijk, past garden embankments and meadows, was restored in 2008.

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