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Many people think Oosterend is the most beautiful village on Texel. You too? You can only really experience that if you have been on the island yourself. There is a lot to see here. The imposing Maartenskerk is the striking centerpiece. Around it picturesque streets and alleys with beautiful old facades.

Pleasant bustle

Around the church are some shops, restaurants and a café that provide some lively activity in the village, which has approximately 1300 inhabitants. Oosterend is close to the Waddenzee. Close to the village are the neighborhoods Oost, Zevenhuizen and Nieuweschild.


Traditionally, fishing has been an important source of income for the Oosterenders. There used to be a harbor near the Iron Cape on the Wadden side that was used for oyster and seaweed fishing. When it silted up in the 19th century, shipping moved to Oudeschild. Nevertheless, many cutter fishermen still live in Oosterend. In addition, agriculture also provides employment in this region.

Tight village

Oosterend has an active, close-knit village community. A large flea market is organized every other week in summer. Once every five years there is Oosterend Present, a large-scale party with performances and village games. There are two primary schools in the village, one public / Christian and one Reformed. The Timothy School is the only private reformational school in the Netherlands.


Oosterend was sometimes called the 'Jerusalem of the North' because of the presence of many churches and denominations. There were once seven churches in the village, nowadays three: the Maartenskerk, the Sint Martinuskerk and the church building of the Reformed Congregation in the Schoolstraat.

Hiking trails

Various walking routes have been set out in and around Oosterend. Highly recommended is the Historical Leitjesroute through the village. A slate has been placed on meaningful buildings and houses with information about the building itself and the former residents. The directions are available free of charge in various shops in the village. Would you rather go out into nature? Then the farmer's sum is a nice alternative. This green route to the old Waddendijk, along garden walls and grassland, was restored in 2008.

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