Saturday 30 April 2022 The arrival of spring is celebrated with the lighting of bonfires. Each village has its own public meierblis; there are also dozens of private blisters. Start time: when it gets dark (approximately 7.00 pm).


  • Den Burg

  • Cultural and Events

  • all ages


The common meierblissen are in: - De Koog: on the Bosrandweg, at the marked place - Den Burg: diagonally opposite Stayokay Texel - Oudeschild: on the Redoute, at the marked place, 1 km past Oudeschild towards Pontweg, right on the shoulder - Oosterend: on the corner of Nieuweschild-Fanneweg - Den Hoorn: on the Stolpweg, at the marked place - De Cocksdorp: on the Stengweg, on the storage area of the Water Board (delivery via the Hoofdweg) - De Waal: at Spangerweg 10, at the marked place - 't Horntje: behind the bicycle rental company, on the grounds of the Water Board (Hoogheemraadschap)

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