Excursion along Mokbaai and Geul

Discover De Mokbaai and De Geul during this varied excursion. In the south of Texel you will find a varied landscape with dunes, lakes, mudflats, salt marshes and beaches. Part of the area is closed off, but with a guide from Staatsbosbeheer you are allowed in during this excursion! The tour goes along the salt marsh, through the dunes and along the lakes in the De Geul nature reserve. The guide tells you about everything there is to see and provides background information. This excursion is different every season. Start time: check the Ecomare website for the current times. The excursion lasts 2 hours.



De Mokbaai and De Geul.

Important to know

Age: from 8 years. Dogs are not allowed. Unfortunately, children in a buggy or baby carrier are not allowed.

Ecomare, natuurmuseum & zeehondenopvang

Ecomare, natuurmuseum & zeehondenopvang

If you are on Texel, then you go to Ecomare! A visit to this center is fun and exciting for all ages. Enjoy the young seals in the sanctuary, watch the seals in the permanent group above and under water and be amazed at everything that lives in the sea in the Sea Aquarium. The interactive exhibition Wonderlijk Wad leaves a deep impression; how special nature is. The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason! Needy birds are cared for in the Bird Shelter. There you will also see a group of gannets: impressive, beautiful sea birds. They share their enclosure with cormorants and shelducks. In the Whale Hall you stand between the gigantic skeletons of a sperm whale and a humpback whale and discover what is meant by 'a treasure from the gut of the sperm whale'. There is so much to experience! Buy your tickets with start time in advance at www.ecomare.nl. Ecomare is open daily from 9.30 am - 5 pm (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day). The ticket office closes at 4:30 PM.

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