Schapen in de sneeuw op de Hoge Berg VVV Texel

Don’t sheep ever get cold?

Texel really is a sheep island! There used to be more than 40,000 sheep roaming here. That number has now decreased, but there are still more sheep than people! The most common breed of sheep in the Netherlands is the Texelaar, recognisable by its distinctive head and medium-sized, sturdy physique. When you visit Texel, you will see that sheep can be found everywhere.

Sheep in winter

Have you ever thought: 'Don't sheep get cold when they are out in the meadow in winter?' The answer is no, they are not cold. This is because sheep have a thick coat that keeps them nice and warm. They also have a layer of fat on their skin that provides extra protection from the cold. And did you know that sheep walk on their nails? This is because they are impervious to ice and snow. Another way sheep protect themselves is by sheltering. On Texel, this is perfectly possible, as there are often garden walls around the meadows. These are low 'walls' made of turf stacked on top of each other. Also handy when it is raining or windy!

Sleeping with sheep's wool

The Texel gives a beautiful wool. Sleeping under a genuine Texel sheep's wool duvet is a pleasure; wonderfully warm in winter, cool in summer. The Texelwool factory is located on the dyke in the harbour town of Oudeschild and sells a quality collection of duvets, pillows and underblankets.

Cuddling lambs

Who doesn't want to cuddle a soft white lamb? That is possible at Schapenboerderij Texel! A large part of the year there are sweet little lambs here who love to be petted and cuddled.

Annual Sheep Breeding Day

The Texel Sheep Market is held once a year during the Sheep Breeding Day on the first Monday of September. Farmers from home and abroad then come to the Groeneplaats in the centre of Den Burg to buy livestock.

More about sheep on Texel

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