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Birding Texel organizes small-scale birding excursions through various nature reserves on Texel. Birding excursion Jos van den Berg loves birds and likes to photograph them. He shows this in his blogs and organizes birding excursions through various nature reserves for small groups. Have you always wanted to know more about birds and how they live? You will find out about this during an excursion from Birding Texel. The groups are small so that there is attention for bird and bird watcher. Don't have your own binoculars? No problem, you can borrow one for free during the tour. Private excursion The excursions are suitable for both the novice birdwatcher and the experienced birdwatcher. Even a private excursion, possibly combined with photography, is possible.


Emmalaan 66

1791AV De Cocksdorp

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