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Culinair Eiland Projecten

Culinair Eiland Projecten is a sole proprietorship of Annette van Ruitenburg. Annette is the author of various books such as De Smaak van Texel. Books about food Annette writes about food in relation to nature and culture. She works with local producers. The books were made in collaboration with Ruth de Ruwe Productions and are published through her or by Fontaine Publishers. Various books have been awarded a sustainability prize and Liever Lokaal received the award for best cookbook of the lage landen in 2015. The books are about Texel, De Wadden, Zagori-Greece and Zeeland. Activities Culinair Eiland Projecten is a developer of tourist activities in the field of nature, culture and culinary, in collaboration with, among others, the National Park De Duinen van Texel. Annette is also an importer of special wines from Le Clos des Suds-Languedoc: responsible, good-tasting wines. Culinair Eiland Projecten is co-developer of Hot Duo, a double potholder, made by the Texel wool company, manufactured in a sustainable way and made from natural materials.


Factuuradres: Bomendiek 6

1793AA De Waal

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