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Voedselbos Texel

Between Den Burg and Oudeschild you will find the 'Voedselbos'. Bright red strawberries, sweet blueberries and beautifully colored flowers grow here. You can walk around in the garden and taste and buy the freshly harvested products in the farm shop with terrace. Texel strawberries The 'Voedselbos' has become known for its strawberries. The Boersen family started growing strawberries in the 1990s. Soon there was a line in front of the stall on the road and people said: “Give me a box and I'll pick it myself”. This is how 'De Zelfpluktuin' came into being, the predecessor of the 'Voedselbox' today. In the forest there are still rows full of strawberry plants, with which various Texel restaurants also make delicious cakes and desserts. Delicious stopover During harvest time, the forest is picked daily. The harvest is then available per tray or processed in the homemade products. Such as jam, ice cream, cake and smoothies. Choose a spot in the greenhouse or take a seat on the sunny terrace. The kids can play here to the fullest. So a wonderful stopover. Gnome path Take a walk through the garden or the woods, take a seat on the terrace or follow the gnome path with the kids. This path has been specially mapped out for children up to 10 years old. Follow gnome Berry and learn together about how a seed grows into the most delicious gnome jam. You are here for a few hours sweet. During picking days you can go into the forest with a basket to harvest the ripe fruits.


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