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Loodsbotter Texelstroom

Sailing area: Waddenzee, IJsselmeer and beyond. The sturdy Texelstroom pilot boat (built 1906) is kept in service by an enthusiastic group of trained volunteers. The ship was thoroughly restored around the turn of the century and largely restored to its original state. That the Texelstroom was built at the time for the pilotage to pilot the ships off the coast of Groningen and Den Helder can still be clearly seen, it is a real work boat with watertight bulkheads and a sail with "Pilotage" in all its glory. From Oudeschild you can make various trips with a maximum of 12 people. One or more 'quay trips' are scheduled every week. Every year, De Texelstroom takes part in various events, such as the annual botterage, the Harlingen Terschellingrace (as accommodation for the rowers). Sleeping on the Texelstroom is a special experience. You can make a reservation with us through the tourist office. One- or multi-day special trips at your request are also possible. You can make a group reservation for this. There are enough sleeping places on board. The comfort is sober but sufficient. Sailing experience is not required for the guests. Anyone who wants to lend a hand on board is welcome. Further information: see our website or the quay sign at the harbour. On Wednesdays, maintenance and cleaning work is carried out on the ship by the volunteers. They are happy to answer all your questions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sail with us at the moment. As soon as we can choose the open sea again, we will let you know. For bookings and further information: regularly consult our website for an update of the situation. Kind regards, The Texelstroom Crew




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