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Skydiving The tandem jump is the easiest way to get acquainted with skydiving. You hardly have to do anything for it. Only a dose of courage and motivation are enough. During an introductory instruction, one of the instructors will explain what to expect. Then you board the plane and you are linked to the instructor. At a height of at least three kilometers the door slides open and together with the jumpmaster you fall down at a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour. During this absolutely impressive experience, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama. The whole island is literally below you. After half a minute, an extra large parachute opens above your head. With this you float gently, hanging from the jumpmaster, back to Texel soil. You make a perfect landing right in front of family, friends and spectators; like a feather you reach the ground. Many well-known Dutch people have made such a jump at Paracentrum Texel and countless lesser-known visitors have also enjoyed parachuting in this way. No medical certificate is required for the tandem jump. You can have a photo/video report made of your jump (nice for later!). From November to April, the Paracentrum is only open on Saturdays and upon request. Sightseeing flights Many children and adults made their first flight at Tessel Air. From the air you have a beautiful view of this beautiful island located between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. You really see the whole island. In consultation with the pilot, it is even possible to fly above your holiday accommodation. During the 15-minute sightseeing flight, you will recognize the routes you have passed on the island before or discover new places that are worth visiting. The pilot will tell you all about what you see from above during the flight. The lighthouse, the various villages, the fishing port of Oudeschild, too many to mention. If you find 15 minutes too short, you can also book a 30, 45 or 60 minute sightseeing flight with Tessel Air. In addition to Texel, you can also view North Holland or one of the other Wadden Islands such as Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland from the air. North of Texel you can often see large groups of seals sunbathing on the many sandbanks in the Wadden. The costs of a short sightseeing flight are deliberately exceptionally low so that everyone can get acquainted with the pleasures of recreational flying in an affordable way. An experience not to be missed for young and old!


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