Politiebureau Den Burg

The police station of Texel is on the edge of Den Burg. emergency aid If you need the police urgently, the police will be with you no later than ten minutes later. This concerns, for example, a serious accident, catching a burglar or thief in the act, violence, a robbery or other serious crimes. Emergency assistance is provided by the police in life-threatening situations, dependence, helplessness and danger of escalation. In those cases, call 112. Your call is immediately received at the control room. From there, the police can immediately deploy people and resources. This service monitors 24 hours a day. The control room assesses the seriousness of the incidents that are reported and determines which case has priority. Suppose there is a serious collision with injured persons on a main road in your place of residence. You call 112 and give the details. The police control room then sends the police car that can reach the scene the fastest. No emergency help A request for prevention advice does not fall under emergency aid. In such cases, your local police officer is the point of contact. You can then call 0900 - 8844.


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