Texelana Den Burg

Texelana is known for its wide range of high-quality wool products. Whether you live on Texel, enjoy visiting the beautiful island or are simply interested in wool products; at Texelana you have come to the right place. Discover the magic of wool yourself and be surprised by the unique collection. Sheep wool products Texelana is a Texel company with sheep wool products, such as duvets filled with sheep wool, sheep skins, wool clothing, plaids, wool slippers and sheepskin slippers. They also have an extensive skin care line with lanolin and sea buckthorn. Three shops In addition to a webshop, Texelana consists of three stores on Texel. The shops are in De Koog, Oudeschild and Den Burg. You can also find the products at various retailers in the Netherlands. Some of the slippers, the wool detergent and the hand balm with sea buckthorn and lanolin are the best-rated Texelana products.


Weverstraat 38

1791 AE Den Burg

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09:30 - 17:30 hour


09:30 - 17:30 hour


09:30 - 17:30 hour


09:30 - 17:30 hour


09:30 - 17:30 hour


09:30 - 17:00 hour



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