Texels Wonen

Divided into three different areas, you can indulge yourself both inside and outside and enjoy everything there is to make life in and around the house as fun as possible. "Come and see, smell and taste the atmosphere while enjoying a free cup of coffee or tea". Flowers and plants color your day. At Texels Wonen, sturdy plants are displayed among the most unusual orchids. They process many natural materials and are happy to show you what you can do with plants. The result? The bouquets are playful and wild, but also modern and sleek. Enjoy the splendor of flowers and pay attention to the beautiful pots and vases. No standard plotter, but daring, colorful and robust. Texels Wonen is also the right place for special lighting, beautiful cushions, surprising wall decoration and a wide variety of scents and candles. In the outdoor area you will find everything for your garden, terrace or balcony. Various pebble pots, Buhda statues, fire pits, water buckets and much more. Many pottery is guaranteed to withstand 30 degrees of frost. Of course, they come into their own when nicely laid out. In addition to many (animal) statues and pots, there is also a wide range of richly flowering and perennial plants.


Schilderweg 220


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