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Texel lavender We are Sanne and Fenneke Lap. Born Texel, farmer's daughters and nieces who came up with the idea to plant lavender on the island of Texel. In the summer of 2007 we decided to send hundreds of plants to Texel. The cuttings were planted on a piece of farmland near Den Hoorn. The lavender plants were wonderfully excited in the North Holland sea climate, and after the first harvest we could start with our own Texel lavender products! Not only care products such as body lotion, soap and shampoo can be made from lavender, but also tea, honey, scented bags, chocolates and body oils with soothing properties. Our products and ideas are implemented in collaboration with a craft farm on Texel where we deliver the lavender blossom. What comes first with us is the quality and origin of the ingredients. From planting the lavender to packaging the products, we do almost everything ourselves. The products are pure and are selected for the special properties of lavender. The first is the relaxing effect, and in addition there is the naturally disinfecting effect. This is an ideal combination for our products. With a beautiful office on the farm, a piece of land full of lavender and lots of great ideas, we are proud of our company! Are you curious about our products? We have several sales points on the island where you can buy our products. We also have a workshop at Amaliaweg 1 in Den Hoorn where you can visit us. Please contact us in advance, then you will know for sure that we are present! For more information, visit our website: www.texelselvendel.nl Or contact us via info@texelselavendel.nl Sanne and Fenneke


Amaliaweg 1

1797SW Den Hoorn

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