Trouwen op Texel

Getting married is possible on Texel and Sophie from the company Trouwen Texel is happy to help you with that! Best day of your life Texel is a unique location with many options for getting married. Everything is possible and Trouwen Texel knows its way around the island. As a wedding planner, she makes the dreams of wedding couples come true and does what she does best. Planning and organizing, but also making all the personal decoration yourself. As a true Tesselse, she knows all Tesselse entrepreneurs and that often provides that little bit extra that is possible at Trouwen Texel. It can be arranged from A to Z, but if you need help with the small parts of your wedding day or just want personal decoration, that's possible too! Contact Trouwen Texel for all options. From wedding planner to stylist Sophie does this job because her heart is in getting married. As a wedding planner, stylist and master of ceremonies, she has already had quite a few weddings. She does this because she believes that getting married is one of the purest and most beautiful events in your life. She believes that getting married means celebrating love with each other!


Schilderend 93

1791 BC Den Burg

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10:00 - 16:00 hour


10:00 - 16:00 hour



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