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Can be deployed, both as a freelancer and for contract work, for projects/work: • of which structuring, expanding and shaping a venture is an essential part; • that requires a coordinator to bear the responsibility from beginning to end; • in which operational autonomy and an independent view are invaluable; • tackling difficult meetings with clients, while maintaining good relations with said client; • in which a project needs to launched, managed and operated; • that requires a host who knows how to retain both employees and visitors; Explore the (hidden) countryside in an informal and relaxed setting while having a serious talk – either about business or personal matters. The open air has a refreshing effect and clears the mind: just get away from the daily grind to a region that you would not otherwise visit. Take a walk with a conversation partner who has a large range of interests and extensive knowledge of a broad selection of topics. And last but certainly not least: a sense of trust – what’s said in the dunes stays in the dunes and the highland cattle and horses promise to keep your secrets. Innovation and innovative business are the most important motors of successful companies and institutes, and accordingly, it is essential to invest in progress and innovations. It will reinforce your company’s competitive position and improves the vitality of our economy, boosting the growth of employment and creating jobs.InnoFundNL offers services to support your company on its course of innovation: we offer advice and supervision on funding and fundraising (subsidies) for innovative projects.


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