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Wijngaard de Kroon van Texel

On the beautiful island of Texel, situated on the edge of the Dennen forest, you will find one of the northernmost vineyards of the Netherlands: Wijngaard de Kroon van Texel. The vineyard covers an area of approximately three hectares, producing a mere 6,000 liters of Texel wines. The vineyard This company has its roots in the year 2005. The first 500 grape vines were planted in that year. A trial period for the 'wine farmer' to get some answers to his questions: Is the sandy soil suitable for the vines? Will the vines withstand the Texel elements? He knew the answers to these questions in theory. However, he wanted to experience and see the result with his own eyes. In the years that  followed, the vineyard grew to how we know it today. A vineyard with a plantation of approximately 8,500 grape vines, divided over two locations.   Our wines We have the following wines for you on offer: A dry, yet fruity and full bodied white wine  The character of this wine is often compared with a Riesling. This wine is produced with both the Johaniter and Solaris grape varieties. The result is a semi-dry, fruity white wine with a perfect sweet/dry balance. The Riesel is a beautiful wine to drink at an outdoor cafe. The grape variety is Riesel, which has produced a semi-dry rose wine with a surprisingly fruity, yet powerful flavor. This wine has an interesting sweet/dry balance. The wine has a nice clarity and tastes devine. For the production of this wine the Regent grape variety is used. This red wine is full bodied, yet has a fruity flavor. This wine has interacted with the wood of a barrique barrel for one year. As a result ,there is a perfect balance between wood and spices. This wine was produced with the Regent grape variety and the VB-91-26-5 (a Cabernet sauvignon cross). Guided tours and tastings Wijngaard de Kroon van Texel organizes guided tours and tastings. We want to take the opportunity to tell you a lot more about the history of the vineyard, the grape varieties, the growth and blossoming of the grape vines, and the wine making process. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask all your questions about Dutch viticulture. The guided tour is wound up with a wine tasting where you will get to try three of our own wines. From early May until late September you are welcome on Fridays at 2 pm, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 11 am to attend a guided tour  followed by a tasting of our wines. The cost is  € 9,00 per person and € 2,50 for children (with the reservation of price changes).We would like to ask you to make a booking for groups larger than 10 persons. Options galore.


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