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Zorgboerderij Novalishoeve

Novalishoeve, the farm with a café, bakery, edible garden, shop, ice cream studio and cheese factory! Near the dune village of Den Hoorn, you will find Novalishoeve. Our farmer, gardener, cook, residents and volunteers sow, rake, weed, milk, harvest, cook and bake on the farm. From strawberries, verbena to chocolate; all our ice cream is farm made. Visit our farm and make your way through a sea of field herbs and poppies. Play hide and seek in the stable or go wild in the natural playground. Novalishoeve is organic and also very dynamic! At Novalishoeve we know that people and nature are one. That is why we consider not only the quality of our end product important, but also how it is made. We keep the soil healthy by fertilizing naturally, not using chemical pesticides, switching crops and maintaining the structure. From such soil come the most fragrant herbs and the tastiest vegetables. Our cows are given plenty of space. All day long they eat the fresh green grass of our meadows. In the summer we mow nutritious, fibre-rich natural grass, which we use to make hay for the winter. Then the cows are in the stable, chewing the cud a bit or leaning against the massage brush. Our cows are well off and that produces the best organic farm milk. In our bakery we bake crispy breads and delicious croissants. And our cakes are finger licking good. Treat yourself to a farmer's burger (100% Novalishoeve!) in our day cafe, order another cappuccino on the terrace and get a curl in your tail, just like our piglets. On the farm we make the most delicious breads, cakes, ice creams, cheeses, soups, milk and yogurt every day. For opening hours and agenda, visit Novalishoeve is also a care farm on Texel where care is provided to and cooperation with young adults with a psychiatric care requirement and/or mild intellectual disability. Our goal is to enable people with a distance to the labor market to participate and to guide them to suitable work.


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