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As Texel is a veritable paradise for artists, there are a considerable number of art galleries on the island. However, besides Texel art, works by non-Texel artists can be admired and bought. A visit to a gallery and perhaps the purchase of a work of art will add more depth to your stay here.

A visit to an art gallery on Texel

All sorts of art are on view in the galleries of Texel; you can see paintings, drawings and sculptures. Most visitors will notice that nature plays a central part in many of the works by these artists. Below is a list of the famous galleries on Texel.

Galerie Posthuys Texel

Art gallery Galerie Posthuys Texel in the seaside resort of De Koog introduces visitors to artists who base their work on natural elements. Some artists express it tangibly, with the rhythm, colour and "skin" derived from nature. The exacting selection of artists ensures an exciting collection. 

De Eiland Galerij

De Eiland Galerij, a creation by artist Niek Welboren, is situated in Zuid Eierland. He and his wife Kerstin Edelmann, also an artist, expose his work here. The gallery contains paintings on paper and linen and sculptures and objects made of clay.

Gallery RAT

If you visit Gallery RAT, you step into a different world. You can easily spend some time here and let yourself float into the power of imagination in a paralel universe. Artists Maria Roelofsen and Goossen Karssenberg use forms that already exist and create something new with them. Hence the name RAT: Recomposed Art Texel


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