Aviation and War Museum

Are you interested in history and WWII in particular? Texel's aviation and war museum, situated at the airport, offers a overview of the island's long aviation history and tells the story of the Georgian rebellion. The uprising, also known as the Russian War, meant that Texel was the Second World War's last battleground in Europe and was only liberated on 20 May 1945.

The history of Texel Airport

Did you know that after the Texel airfield opened in 1937, KLM operated a regular service between Amsterdam Airport and Texel? Two decades before that, Texel had acquired a naval air camp for water planes. The museum is also the proud owner of a copy of a Lockheed Constellation, its star feature.

The Russian War

The part of the museum dedicated to the Second War also focuses on the intensive war in the airways above Texel, causing many planes to crash on or around the island, the deportation of 806 Texel residents to Assen and the disconcerting story of the Russian War, in which between 1,500 and 2,000 people died.

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