Eiland Galerij in Eierland VVV Texel

The Historic Classroom in the Eiland Galerij

Go back in time surrounded by old school desks and wall panels

The Historic Classroom in the Eiland Galerij

The past of this former school building and the surrounding area are honoured in the Historic Classroom in the Eiland Galerij. Here, you can go back in time surrounded by unforgettable wall panels, reflect on how much education has changed since the old days and re-experience your own time at school.

This old classroom has been restored to its former glory and the same applies for all of the other rooms in the building. Each of the various original and characteristic elements has been uncovered for visitors to enjoy.

The collection displayed has been put together over a number of years and has been sourced largely from schools on Texel. Although a special focus is placed on the drawing lessons given to pupils in years gone by, the processing of clay - as a craft- is explained in detail too.

The Historic Classroom, with its pictures of the major illustrators Jetses, Isings and Koekoek, unites the building's past with its present artistic function. Experience the unique atmosphere of the whole and ... anyone who manages to fit behind one of the desks is welcome to sit down and create their very own drawing!

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