Havenvistijn 2022 7

Come to the HavenVIStijn

In August, on every 2nd Saturday, Oudeschild celebrates fishing with the HavenVIStijn (HarbourFishtival).

A fisherman's life

If you visit the HarbourFishtival, you can learn all about the lives of real fishermen. The fishermen will teach you all about the fishing industry; they will explain the various fishing techniques and show you different sorts of fish. There will be demonstrations while amongst other the Oudeschilder Fishermen’s Choir provide the music. You can also take a trip with KNRM and there are fun activities for children.

Enjoy fresh fish

And of course, there’s plenty of fresh fish in the sea - er, at the festival, smoked or fried by real fishermen.The shrimp fleet will be present too, selling delicious bread rolls filled with fresh shrimps. Those proceeds will go to charity.

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