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Hotels, cafés, restaurants on Texel

You can enjoy good food anywhere on Texel. You will soon see: in every village on Texel, and the menus are very varied. There are quaint beaneries offering plain, home-cooked food and Michelin-starred restaurants! Texel has it all. We are therefore proud of our versatile catering industry. Where are you going to eat?

Restaurants on Texel

You can eat well in any of the seven villages on the island. Local produce, including the world-famous Texel lamb, delicious asparagus, fresh fish and oysters from the mudflats should inspire any chef worth his or her salt. You must of course have tried it if you stay here!

An excellent way of getting to know the local specialities is a visit to one of the Texel dining events. One such event is Texel Culinair, held in De Koog in September. At this event, the chefs of Texel do their utmost to create the most mouth-watering dishes.

For a real treat, sample some of Texel's "white gold": the asparagus grown by Bert and Meina Keijser. Tip: eat asparagus between Mother's Day and Father's Day (European dates). If you are on the island during that period, you really must try it. Even the growers in Limburg appreciate the particular quality of Texel's asparagus.

Eating fish on Texel

Obviously, the best place to eat fish is the harbour at Oudeschild. The fish restaurants all have great views of the cutters that arrive on Friday after a week at sea. And of course, the fish comes fresh from the sea to your plate. Isn't that exactly how you want it?

Beach cafés on Texel

Dining at a beach café should be part of every Texel holiday. You'll get that real Texel experience here: watching the sun go down while you enjoy a bite to eat and a drink. And children will love dining at a beach café too: while you have a quiet dinner, they can play on the beach.

An evening out on Texel

The island is full of inviting sidewalk cafés and pubs but the majority of places for an evening out are in the seaside resort of De Koog, where people can party until the early morning. But perhaps you prefer a visit to a Texel theatre: Restaurant en Theater De Toegift in Den Hoorn regularly invites famous and not so famous performers, musicians and cabaret artists. And then there is always Cinema Texel in Den Burg, a guarantee for an enjoyable evening. In addition, the people of Texel host a surprising number of unusual events, so nightlife on Texel is a year-round party for all ages.

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