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Dutch Birding Bird weekend

Every year in October the Dutch Birding Bird Weekend is organized. During this weekend there are many extra bird activities on Texel, such as lectures, excursions, a bird watching competition and Swarovski binoculars service. These activities are also very interesting for novice bird watchers.

Plenty of bird migration

Texel is a popular island for birds, and there is no doubt that it is hotspot for bird lovers too, particularly in early autumn. After all, the autumn migration attracts even more birds to the island, including many rare species. Texel is a much-needed stop-off for birds migrating from Scandinavia to the South, offering them a peaceful haven brimming with food. This is why the experts from the Dutch Birding Association hold an annual birding weekend on Texel.

Birding excursions

If you would like to learn how to identify the different species of birds, why not join one of the bird identifying excursions on Saturday or Sunday? The excursions, which are held both in the morning and afternoon, are walks with an emphasis on identifying as many species of birds as possible. Book a “vogelherkenningsexcursie''

Other activities

On Saturday and Sunday, staff from Swarovski will be on hand to clean your binoculars, free of charge, at the Vogelinformatiecentrum in De Cocksdorp. More information

More about birds on Texel

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