Mountainbiken door de duinen VVV Texel Mary Stomph

You can enjoy great mountain biking on Texel. There is a challenging 8 km MTB route through the De Dennen forest area. In addition, you can experience the longest MTB route in North Holland of no less than 100 km. Don't have any MTB experience yet? Then excellent guidance is available. Try something new while you're here!

MTB route

The MTB trail through De Dennen is almost 8 kilometres and guarantees a spectacular bike ride. This technically difficult route leads around winding and tight bends, often along bumpy and narrow tracks interrupted by the occasional pot hole or low-hanging branch and one or two inland dunes. Departure: the car park at Turfveld on Westerslag. De Dennen is on the western part of Texel, between Den Hoorn and De Koog. Sign posts: wooden posts with a green sign depicting a bike and “ATB”. Please note: the posts are not coloured, which sometimes makes them difficult to identify.

Longest MTB trail of North Holland

Are you really looking for a challenge? Then try the longest MTB trail in North Holland. The MTB-100 km route takes you from the ferry port along the west coast of Texel. You will pass alternately dune area and through the forest. Once you have arrived at the northern tip of Texel you can use the Waddendike on the eastsite to get back. On the way back you will pass the polder and the villages Oosterend, De Waal and Oudeschild.

Mountain biking with a guide

To really get to know the island, you can go out with a guide. During a 2.5-hour tour you will pass the most beautiful mountain bike spots on Texel. A route is taken where everyone can participate at his / her own level. Van der Linde organizes this. You can also check available times in our calendar.


You would be mistaken in thinking that all the countryside on Texel is suitable for off-road biking but the wildlife is more vulnerable than you suppose. Please keep to the designated paths and be considerate of other users of the tracks and paths.

Cycling on the beach

On Texel you can also cycle on the beach. The sand is soft, so a normal bicycle is not suitable. With a mountain bike or special beach bike you can make a beautiful ride on the beach. Tip: it is best to cycle during low tide and close to the waterline, for the least rolling resistance.

MTB rentals

Want to hire a mountain bike on Texel? Many bike hire companies on Texel also offer mountain bikes. We recommend reserving bikes in advance online:

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