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There are a number of places to go for a great swim on Texel: the sea or the open-air swimming pool. We have listed the options for you here.

Swimming in the sea

The quality of the seawater on Texel is excellent and swimming is permitted along the entire length of the North Sea beach. There's just one exception: swimming isn't allowed near the lighthouse, between Poles 31 and 33, because of the strong currents there.


A lifeguard service is provided at the most important beach areas. Keep safe whenever you go into the sea on any other parts of the coastline. Never go into the sea to a depth higher than your hips, because of the current and sudden depth differences. With your safety in mind, bathers are not permitted to go into the sea with air beds, etc.

Lifeguard service

On Texel, beach areas 9, 12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 28 and 33 are patrolled from June until the beginning of September. Lifeguards are present daily from 09.00 hours to 18.00 hours. The other beach areas are not patrolled

Lifeguards use flags to indicate whether or not the water is safe:
- Red flag: swimming not permitted
- Yellow flag: dangerous to swim
- White flag: a child has been lost or found

Check the flyer of Gemeente Texel for all information about safe swimming in the sea.

Swimmingpool Molenkoog

On the outskirts of Den Burg, you will find the Molenkoog open-air swimming pool, which is popular with residents of Texel and with an increasing number of tourists too. At this pool, you can swim in the 25-metre pool, slide off the three-lane slide and play in the playground with its air trampoline and table tennis table. There's a paddling pool for the very smallest members of the family and we are sure that all visitors to the pool will enjoy the swimming pool kiosk and its great terrace. However, what really makes Molenkoog different to other pools is its wonderful, relaxed island atmosphere. Are you participating?

Swimming pool De Krim

Swimming pool De Krim has a wonderful indoor climate, various spectacular attractions and an outdoor pool with sunbathing area. The swimming pool is located at De Krim Holiday Park in De Cocksdorp. Do you live or stay elsewhere on Texel and would you like to use the swimming pool for a day? You are most welcome in Swimming pool De Krim. Note: pool tickets are only available online.

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