De nieuwjaarsduik op Texel VVV Texel fotograaf Liselotte Schoo

Take a New Year’s Dip on Texel!

Start the New Year feeling refreshed! A merry dip in the North Sea is surely the best way to begin the New Year.

New Year’s Dip on Texel

Anyone who wants to welcome the New Year with a refreshing dip will find a warm welcome on Texel’s beaches on 1 January! As many as 3 New Year’s Dips are held on Texel:

But if that’s too chilly for you, watching the event is entertaining too!

Will you celebrate New Year’s Eve with us on Texel?

There are hundreds of holiday cottages, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments available on our website that stay open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

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