Zonsondergang bekijken vanuit de jacuzzi bij Boutique Hotel Texel VVV Texell vrij te gebruiken door vvv


Texel is a treat for body and soul. Here you can walk barefoot through the sand and sea water every day. But also enjoy the silence and the sun on your skin. You'll enjoy a good night’s sleep after a day exploring Texel's natural beauty.

Relax on Texel

If you are looking for even more comfort after a day in the great outdoors, the island's beauty salons, massage salons and saunas have everything for a veritable session of ‘’Wadden wellness’’.

Beauty salons on Texel

Texel has a good number of beauty salons, where you can relax and receive a professional beauty treatment so that you can continue your island holiday radiant and looking your best.

Massage salons on Texel

Ooh, that sounds pleasant: a nice massage during your holiday on Texel! How about a massage with pleasantly warmed oil, a Hot ’n' Cold stone massage or a mineral oil scrub massage? Surrender yourself to the sensation and feel how your body relaxes, leaving you feeling reborn!

Saunas on Texel

True beauty comes from within and a holiday means you will finally have the time: pop in for a sauna and follow it up with a refreshingly cool bath - even better when combined with a brisk walk along the beach! Many of the hotels, holiday parks and even holiday cottages on Texel have their own sauna.


Woolness is a half an hour of relaxation while you are completely enfolded in Texel sheep's wool. You will feel the surprising effects of the wool and emerge feeling like a new person.

Holiday homes with wellness facilities

How about opting for a holiday home or hotel with wellness facilities? See below for the very best options.

Hotels with wellness facilities

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