Boot jachthaven Texel VVV Texel fotograaf Andree Grueterich

Sailing to Texel

Sailing to Texel yourself? You can moor your boat overnight in Waddenhaven Texel in Oudeschild. This modern marina with many facilities has both large and small cubicles available. There’s also a small shop for any items you’ve forgotten, and a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the harbour and the Waddenzee. Texel has become a popular destination for sailors.

Boot jachthaven Texel VVV Texel fotograaf Andree Grueterich
Boot jachthaven Texel VVV Texel fotograaf Andree Grueterich
Photographer: Andree Grueterich

A few boats

Where only a few boats used to dock at Texel, the past 50 years have seen aquatic sports expand enormously. The harbour has been enlarged substantially several times, and now the ‘Stichting Passantenhaven Texel’ has 250 comfortable berths. In high season there’s rarely a place free, and even the adjacent club harbour is drafted in to accommodate the touristic traffic. Given the facilities of the Waddenhaven, it’s hardly surprising that yachtsmen and motor-boaters enjoy visiting Texel so much.

Everything you need

There are few ports in the Netherlands with facilities to match Texel’s marina. Wherever possible it uses economy or LED lighting, waste water is separated and dumping of waste and bilge-water is free of charge! Waddenhaven Texel has been awarded the Blue Flag annually since 2003. This is awarded to harbours which meet international quality requirements, and which are safe and clean. The surrounding area has also been set up with care.

Get moving!

There’s an extensive playground with a water play area, a ‘panna’ cage (panna is a type of Dutch street football), and outdoor fitness facilities. There’s also a barbecue area you can use without charge. A beach has even been laid out alongside the harbour. Would you like to see more of Texel? The outer dyke route along the Waddenkant is absolutely worth the effort, but the well-known Hoge Berggebied is also just a short distance away. Bicycles can be rented from the kiosk.

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