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VVV Texel was founded in 1898, initially as a society but was later registered as a foundation: Stichting VVV Texel Promotie. The promotional work is dispatched energetically thanks to a collaborative arrangement, unique to the Netherlands, which combines efforts of several parties.

United we stand

Stichting VVV Texel Promotie is supported by three categories of Texel stakeholders: the Municipality of Texel, TESO ferry services and Texel’s businesses platform TOP. VVV Texel signs 4-year contracts with these parties to arrange their ongoing promotional funding.

Annual contributions

TOP members, by means of their membership fees, annually contribute EUR 240,000 to VVV Texel and the Municipality of Texel and TESO ferry services double that amount.

Island promotion

This special construction provides the foundation with a generous annual marketing budget which is used to advertise Texel as a holiday destination. This collaboration arrangement is unique to the Netherlands and ensures a powerful promotional driver for Texel that can operate independently from other tourist information agencies.

Amazing meetings

It should be noted, however, that VVV Texel earns a large part of the promotional budget unaided by means of its booking system. VVV Texel’s mission is “to facilitate amazing meetings between guests and hosts on Texel.” Our task, first and foremost, is to provide information to guests, promoting and marketing Texel as a holiday destination and offering a choice of booking options for Texel holidays.

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