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Denise Berkeveld

After my internship in 2017 I started at VVV Texel as an 'Online Marketeer' and since 2022 I have been working as a 'Partnerships & PR Employee'. Every day I am involved in building and maintaining relationships with the partners of VVV Texel. I mainly focus on Texel entrepreneurs.

I also provide support in setting up marketing campaigns, partnerships and making agreements with press/influencers. In addition, I am responsible for the activity agenda and keeping the business pages of entrepreneurs on our website up to date. I am also part of the KADO Texel team.

Texel is special to me because...
As a child I regularly came to Texel, because my grandfather and grandmother live on the island. Texel has so much to offer: sea, beach, nice restaurants, museums and of course beautiful nature!

My tip for you
Also visit Texel in the spring! The moment that all the lambs go outside for the first time is really nice to see. Cuddling a lamb at 'Schapenboerderij Texel' is also a very special experience, they are so cute!

My favorite activity
Go to the beach and enjoy a snack and a drink at a beach pavilion.

Questions or a tip?
Feel free to send me an email:

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