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High tide and low tide

The tide changes every 6.15 hours on average. This means that if the tide has just become low tide (low tide), it will be high tide again in six and a quarter of an hour.

At low tide, the beach is extra wide, ideal if you want to take a beach ride on horseback, for example. While you can fish better with high tide.

Tide table

In the tide table you can see per day when it will be high tide. Do you want to know when it is low tide? Then count more than six hours and a quarter on top. Keep in mind that this is the tide table for the Wadden side and the harbor of Oudeschild. On the North Sea beach it is ebb and flow one hour earlier.

Download tide table 2024 (opens as PDF)

Spring tide

About twelve times a year there is a big difference between high and low water. The high tide is then higher than average and low tide is lower than average. You call this spring tide and it always occurs two days after the full moon and two days after the new moon. In the above tide table you can view the data for this year.

Neap tide

The opposite of spring tide is neap tide. In this period, the difference between ebb and flow is minimal. The high tide is less high than average and the low tide less low than usual. This always takes place one week after spring tide. In the tide table you will also find the dates of neap tide.

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