Strandhuisjes bij De Koog VVV Texel fotograaf Charles van Veen


Texel has some fantastic beaches. There’s around 30 kilometres of sparkling white sand awaiting you! Why not take a bracing stroll along the beach with the breeze blowing through your hair or simply enjoy the sun? The beaches on Texel may put on a different face each season, but there’s something to enjoy all-year round. In summer, the lifeguarded beaches provide safe swimming and beach huts can be rented. That makes your beach experience complete!

Your own beach hut

It’s the simple things that make life sweet. Why not rent a beach hut for your beach holiday on Texel? Beach huts can be rented by the day, for the week or for the whole of the summer at most of the beaches. Deck chairs and a parasol are usally inclueded. Beach huts can be hired at locations with the following beach-markers: 9, 12, 15,17, 20, 21 and 28.

Safe swimming

A large number of beaches on Texel are staffed by lifeguards in the summer. These qualified life-savers are there to ensure that you can enjoy swimming within the demarcated zones. Keep a watchful eye out for the lifeguard’s flags. Before going into the sea, read the advice for safe swimming.

Taking your dog on the beach

Are you taking your four-legged friend with you to Texel? Hit the beach together! On many of Texel’s beaches it’s possible to let your dog run free. However, on the lifeguarded stretches of beach and the nudist beaches at Den Hoorn and De Cocksdorp, dogs must be kept on a lead. South of the section with beach-marker 8 and between 12 and 21, dogs need to be kept on a lead between 1 March and 1 September. Curious about all the rules regarding the leash of the dog? View the overview here.

Kite flying, kite surfing of sail sailing

You can fly kites with one line on the entire beach. Do you want to fly kites with multiple lines, kite surfing or sand yachting? That is allowed on the sporting beach: the indicated areas at beach pole 17.6, beach pole 18.99, beach pole 28.2 and beach pole 32.0. Keep at least 50 meters away from the hard seawall against the dunes around the lighthouse here. The area is marked on the beach with signs. Kitesurfing on the Wadden Sea is only permitted at 'Dijkmanshuizen'.

Sports beach

On the sporting beach, beach sports are allowed where other beachgoers may be inconvenienced. These are sports that achieve high speeds, such as kite surfing, kite buggying and blokarting. Want to kite with 1 line? This is also allowed on other beach areas! Other beach visitors should not be bothered by this.

Clean beaches

Texel goes to great efforts to keep its beaches as clean and attractive as possible. We ask you to clear up when they leave and we also provide our support for the MyBeach project, which is striving to create 100% waste-free beaches and get visitors to do their bit too. On Texel, the initiative has been embraced by several beachside establishments in conjunction with VVV Texel and Ecomare. You also participate, right?

At various places on the beach you will find jutcages, in which you can deposit stray plastic. These cages are located on the Hors near the Joost Doorlein barracks and at the Horsmeertjes, the third can be found at post 7.8. Between post 28 and De Slufter there are three. The cages are emptied regularly.

Tide tables

When is low and high tide on Texel’s beaches? The Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management keeps detailed tide tables.

Download the zoning map here

Below is a map showing exactly the zoning of the stand.

Strandhuisjes bij De Koog VVV Texel fotograaf Charles van Veen
Strandhuisjes bij De Koog VVV Texel fotograaf Charles van Veen
Photographer: Charles van Veen

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