Hond loopt in gebied waar geen aanlijnplicht geldt VVV Texel

To leash or not to leash? These are the rules.

Texel is a beautiful island to explore together with your dog. In many places where you are allowed to walk, your four-legged friend is also welcome. Leash rules apply on the island, we explain them here.

Aanlijnplicht hond kaart Texel VVV Texel

On the beach

On the unguarded beaches (light yellow on the map), your four-legged friend can run free. On the lifeguarded and nudist beaches (blue on the map) a leash obligation applies. Outside the breeding season, i.e. from September to March, your dog may run free on certain beach areas (purple on the map). From April to September, a leash obligation applies in these areas (purple on the map).

In the dunes

In the dune areas, dogs must be kept on a leash all year round. Exceptions are the areas marked in purple on the map. Here, dogs may only roam without a leash outside the breeding season, i.e. from September to March.

In the woods

Dogs may run free in De Dennen and the Krimbos (light green on the map). On the playgrounds, playing fields and in the areas with cattle or large grazers, a leash obligation applies.

On and along roads and in villages

On public roads and paths, dogs must be leashed all year round.

Around meadows

On footpaths in agricultural areas, dogs must always be leashed. This is to prevent dogs chasing sheep.

Why must dogs be leashed?

Apart from risking a fine, there are other reasons to stick to the rules. Texel is a bird island par excellence. When birds flee from a dog and leave their nests, eggs or young chicks are easy prey for predators. The birds may even perceive the area as dangerous and decide to move away. By keeping your dog on a lead, we preserve Texel as a bird island.

What are the rules about dog waste?

Throw dog waste with a bag in the waste bins on the edge of the nature reserve. No bin nearby? Then take the bag to another waste disposal point. No bag? Then bury the dog poo unpacked in the verge.

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