Walking the dog? Keep an eye out for seals

Auf Texel dürfen die Hunde an bestimmten Strandabschnitten frei laufen. Rennen, Muscheln schnüffeln, Apportieren im Meer: ein Fest! Es gibt auch Hunde, die das nicht so gerne mögen: Robben.

Dog bites and seal bites

Seal sanctuary Ecomare reports that more and more seals with dog bites are coming in. Sometimes even fatal. The opposite also happens: a dog runs towards a seal out of curiosity and ends up with a serious bite.

Leash or watch out

Dog owners can prevent this by leashing the dog in places where this is compulsory, but also by keeping the dog on a lead when a seal is in sight. Before releasing the dog, look around carefully to see if there is a seal (in the distance). Stay alert during the walk.

30 metres distance

Another important reason to keep your dog away from seals is the possible transmission of diseases. It is also recommended to stay away from the seal yourself. Walk around the seal at a distance of at least 30 metres (100 foot). Also, do not come closer for a nice photo, but use a telephoto lens if you like to photograph seals.

Have you seen a seal and are worried? Then call Ecomare at telephone number 0222-317741.

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