Voor hondenbezitters wandelen op het strand VVV Texel Knook

Activities for dog owners

Texel is an ideal holiday destination for dog-owners - we are more than delighted to welcome you and your faithful four-legged friend to the island! A large number of holiday establishments accept pets, as well as many restaurants and beachpavillions. Make it an unforgettable holiday together!

Discovering Texel with your dog

Various holiday properties allow dogs. When you make your booking, you should always inform them you intend to bring your pet. Our extensive list of accommodation includes a large number of dog-friendly properties. Add the number of pets you want to bring to the 'Travel group' field.

Dog-friendly beaches

The best walk with your dog is a walk on the beach! You can let your dog run free on many of Texel’s beaches. However, on lifeguarded beaches and the nudist beaches at Den Hoorn and De Cocksdorp, dogs must be kept on a lead. Here you can see where your dog can run free and where your dog must be on a leash. Be mindful of seals, which sometimes lie on the beach: read what you can do if you encounter a seal with your dog.

Dog-friendly woodland

In principle, your dog can run free in Texel’s forest De Dennen and in het Krimbos. In these woodland areas, it is not forbidden for dogs to be off the lead. Only in areas where there are grazing sheep , cattle or where there is a playground should you keep your dog on a lead.


You may not have heard of them before, but they really do exist: the dogwash! At De Krim holiday park and at Duinpark De Robbenjager in De Cocksdorp it’s possible to have your dog washed, with or without shampoo and conditioner, or to have ticks removed. Then you can go out fresh again together!

Texel veterinary practice

Does your dog need medical attention? The Texel veterinary practice at Keesomlaan 11 in Den Burg is staffed by four qualified vets. Consultation is by appointment only. The surgery is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays and for emergencies during out-of-office hours. Tel. 0222-312527.

A holiday specially for your dog

Sign up for the special dog-friendly Honden Uitwaaiweken! This is a holiday package for you and your dog, where you can take advantage of expert advice remedial training for your dog. This special Texel deal is organised by qualifieddog-coach Jos Oosting.

Dog-friendly accommodation

Below you can find all accommodation in which your dog is more than welcome

Holiday houses where you can bring your dog
Camp sites where you can bring your dog
Bed & breakfast where you can bring your dog
Hotels where you can bring your dog

More about exploring Texel with a dog

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