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Walking with dogs

Texel is a great place for your dog too! Your faithful four-legged friend will love walking along the beach and through the dunes. Dogs are more than welcome on Texel.

On the lead?

The rules are simple: your dog can come wherever you are. In places where you have to stay on the hiking trails, your dog should too. Your dog does not need to be leashed on most of the island. In some areas this is mandatory, including during the breeding season.

Texel is a real sheep island. Every year, sheep are injured or killed by dogs that don't listen carefully. Therefore, keep your dog on a leash where sheep or other livestock roam. You clean up dog poo, of course, just like at home.

Read here where to leash your dog and where free walking is allowed.

Getaway weeks with owner and dog

Dog coach Jos Oosting organizes special arrangements for dogs and owners on Texel. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and walks with your dog, while you work on the behavior of your dog under the guidance of the dog coach. You can indicate yourself what you would like to work on with your dog and you will receive an individual plan of action. This way you can enjoy a wonderful holiday week and return home rested with a dog without problem behavior. More information.

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