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Schapenboerderij Texel

Schapenboerderij Texel

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Pontweg 77
Telephone: +31644926046
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Sheep Farm

Our sheep Farm, located at the Pontweg, invites you to watch how Farmer Hans Witte shears his sheep And with the aid of his clever dog, an Australian Kelpie, he will show you that he does not need to run after the sheep when they need herding to a certain spot. It is always an impressive spectacle. Besides, Farmer Hans will tell you everything about life on the farm.

The Sheep farm opens its doors from 17 February 2018.

We have moved to Pontweg 77, Den Burg

Spring: 17 february until 8 july; Sommer: 8 july until 26 august; Autumn: 27 august until ..

Good to know:

The Sheep farm Texel is opened daily from 10.30 am until 3.30 pm. Dogs/Pets are not allowed. Tickets: € 4,- for children (2-12 yr.) - children upto 2 years are free of charge and € 5,- for adults. Groups upon request for example guided tours. 

- This your chance to cuddle a lamb.

- There are 25 different varieties of sheep on the farm

- Plenty of new lambs are born every day on the farm. If you are lucky, you might see one being born.

- The farm also has hens, rabbits, goats, ponies, pigs, calves and kittens.

- The farm has a coffee corner with a view of the barn and the lambs, pygmy rabbits and fluffy chicks. Coffee and biscuits are available; lemonade is free.

- Admission: free for children under 2; children: € 4; adults: € 5.

 Please visit for more information!

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