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Stuifweg 7
1794HA Oosterend
Telephone: 0613271120
Mobile: 0613271120




Tx guide: Guide on Texel
Tx guide is a guide on Texel. Are you looking for a unique and adventurous experience on Texel? Discover the island together with Txgids! Going with our guide means that everything is entirely to your liking.

Customized guide work
When booking the nature excursions, tours and experiences, you can therefore add extra options and make your wishes known. Do you have a different idea than the possibilities mentioned below? Contact us: Txgids is your tailor-made guide.

Nature excursions
Guided tours
Outdoor experiences
Coaching and teambuilding
Lectures and presentations about Texel

your nature guide Txgids

Marcel Wijnalda

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