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De Vriendschap

De Vriendschap

Address details

Volharding 2a
1795 LH De Cocksdorp
Mobile: +31613 524 734





Rederij de Vriendschap is a unique ferry service in the North off Texel near the Cocksdorp. What makes us so special is that we do not go from a harbor but we leave from the wooden jetty at the beach.

Seals watching journey

We are the only passenger ship in this unique area in the northern Wadden Sea. In the ‘Eierlandse Gat’, seals and gray seals live in their natural habitat. With running water, large groups of seals crawl on the sandbank to rest and enjoy the sun. The captain let the ferry float past the sandbanks. The seals know the blue Silhoutte of “De Vriendschap”, so the ship can get very close to the animals. The seals are used to our boat and often watch curiously around when we arrive . The journey takes about 75 minutes.

Tours fill up quicky, make sure to book early. 

A day trip to Vlieland is a unique experience!

Through the famous wooden pier you go on ‘De Vriendschap’ in the morning. After a beautiful boat trip you arrive on the Vliehors, the largest sand plain of Northwest Europe, also known as the Sahara of the North. From there the Vliehors Express brings to the Posthuys, the beginning of the “inhabited” world, where you can rent a bike, walk or take the bus to explore the cozy island and village of Vlieland.

In the afternoon you make the return trip to Texel at the Posthuys, an hour later you are back on Texel.

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