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Crash course in ‘Tessels’

Do you already speak a word of Tessels? The Texel dialect has many similarities with West Frisian. If you want to sound like a real Texel person, you can start by practising on the Tesselese pronunciation of Dutch words.

‘Tesselse’ words

Nol = dune
One example is Fonteinsnol (literally: fountain dune): the dune where there used to be a water source. The dune now has a watchtower offering a splendid view over a large part of the island. You’ll find the dune in De Dennen forest near De Koog.

Tessel = Texel
In the name Texel, locals pronounce the x as an s. Except for formal occasions, such as being interviewed on TV. Then they suddenly feel obliged to say Texel ‘properly’ with an x.

Skéép = sheep
For foreigners, this word is certainly a lot easier to pronounce than the Dutch ‘schaap’!

The same applies to:
Boohskippe = ‘boodschappen’ in Dutch, or shopping. ‘Om een boohskip gaan’: to go shopping.

De overkant = the other side: the mainland, the rest of the Netherlands.

Koppiestiêd = coffee time
Literally: cups time.

Met smaak = ‘eet smakelijk’ in Dutch, or bon appetit / enjoy your meal.
Literally: with taste.

Eendekukeltjesweer = wonderfully mild spring weather without wind.
Literally eendenkuikenweer: nice weather for ducklings.

Heijje 't hòòrt?

When a Texel person meets someone, he will probably ask "Whose one are you?" to find out who your parents are. If he is at the end of his rope, he is 'at the labbere end'. And if you ask him how he's doing, he'll probably reply Best gaan='Best going'.

A Texelaar who is 'gróóós as puus' is very proud. By ''t Wos in de tiêd dotte se de zakkoek mit de biel hakt' he means long ago. And about a poser he says 'Hee lól na de dokter òs 'r 'n skeet fóór 't gòt sit'.


Many birds also have a Texel name. Some examples:

Aalscholver=Botskollever = cormorant

Grutto=Marel = black-tailed godwit

Scholekster=Lieuw = oystercatcher

Leeuwerik=Lieuwerik = lark

Merel=Tjakker = blackbird

More about the Texel of yesteryear

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